Starting the Conversation

Katelynn's platform, Starting the Conversation: Suicide Prevention and Awareness is breaking down the stigma that surrounds suicide and facing the issue, not turning the other way.  Stigma is the number one reason why people are afraid to discuss mental illness and suicide, that's why starting the conversation is so important.  As Miss Empire Rose, Katelynn is working hard to spread the word about how important suicide education is, not only to increase awareness but to make suicide a more preventable issue.

As a board member on the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Katelynn has belives that suicide can be 100% preventable and as a Co-Chair on the AFSP Community Education Committee, she knows that education is key to making that happen.

For several years now Katelynn has been an active advocate in her community and state for suicide prevention and awareness.  So far, as Miss Empire Rose, Katelynn has participated in numerous events to promote her platform of starting the conversation:

To find out more information about Capital Region AFSP and for volunteer opportunities please visit 

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