Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Senator Hugh Farley's Wellness Day

Today, I was excited to take part in Senator Hugh Farley's Wellness Day in Amsterdam.  I had the opportunity to host a table as a board director for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and as Miss Empire Rose.  Being able to relate to people on a personal level was and continues to be one of my goals as Miss Empire Rose and I can say that I have achieved that goal and will continue to exceed it.  

At the AFSP table I providing a vast amount of materials that covered a variety of things dealing with suicide.  I had a numerous amount of people come up to me and tell me their story and to know that they trust me with their feelings means more to me than they will ever know.  

Unfortunately, Senator Farley was unable to make it to his wellness day, but I am so honored to have been asked to participate.  I remember going to his wellness day as a little girl and to know that he has made an effort to continue this tradition shows how incredibly devoted he is to his communities.  I also made sure I didn't pass up another photo opportunity with him!
Speaking of photo opportunities, it was a joy to meet Peter Capobianco, the Interim President of Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce!  He was full of energy and enthusiasm and made it a point to visit each and every table that volunteered their time to come.  He was just as excited as I was to get a picture together, although it shocked me when he said "how do I look, should we take another one just in case?!"  I always thought that was my line, but I finally met someone that asks first!

Thank you so much Senator Hugh T. Farley for inviting me to take part in such an extraordinary event!

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