Monday, April 23, 2012

Say Yes to the Dress

I have some very exciting news to share with everybody...

Yesterday, my mother and I took a trip downstate to do some shopping for my Miss New York wardrobe.  It was a lot of fun, despite the rain...those little shops that were selling oodles of umbrellas really came in handy, because we had forgotten ours!  In honor of Earth Day, we ate at this fabulous organic restaurant, GustOrganics and I am determined to get one up here in upstate New delicious and everything they had on their menu was 100% organic, they even had some gluten free meals!  On an unhealthier note, I found a meatball station!  YES, that's right they served meatballs in a cup and for many of you that know me and how much I love to eat, know that meatballs are my favorite...unfortunately because Miss New York is quickly approaching, I made the decision to not get a meatball in a cup (insert sad face here).  

So, without further ado... I'm excited to announce that I bought my evening gown for Miss New York 2012!  And yes, I said 'yes' to the dress, literally I said "I'm saying YES to the dress"!  I can't wait to wear it on the Miss New York stage, June 16th can't come soon enough.  As for me describing or posting a picture of my gown, I guess you're just going to have to come to Miss New York on June 16 at the St. George Theatre in Staten Island at 7:30pm to see!

Tickets will be going on sale in just a few weeks, 
so keep checking the Miss New York Website for updates!

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