Thursday, March 22, 2012

Interview at WCSS

Today, I had the honor of joining Mike Mancini at WCSS for my very first radio interview!

I joined Mike for his 8 o'clock 'Mike in the Morning Show', it was quite early but he really knows how to wake you up!  He was full of compliments, advice and humor.  This appearance is something that is close to me, because in the fall I will be attending The College of Saint Rose to major in communications.  This was not only a great opportunity to get some interview practice, it was also a great opportunity for me to get the experience of what it's like behind the scenes at a radio station.  I LOVED IT!!  I know in my heart this is what I want to do, whether it's behind the scenes or in front of the camera.

Throughout my interview I was able to explain to Mike a little more about the Miss America Organization, and I also educated him on what my job as Miss Empire Rose consists of.  I was happy that I was able to expand Mike's knowledge of the pageant world.  Here's a short clip from my interview:

Radio Interview Preview by katiems

Before I left, Mike made me promise on live radio that I would return for another interview in the future as Miss New York and as Miss America...that my friend is a promise I plan to keep!

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