Saturday, March 31, 2012

Montgomery County SPCA

Today, I had the joy of attending Montgomery County SPCA 2nd Annual Spring Pet Portraits!
I didn't go as Miss Empire Rose, I went in support of a great cause and it just so happens that my sister queen Danielle Trumbull, Miss Empire Star has a platform dealing with animal rights.  
After seeing all of the animals at this event, I can see why Danielle chose to be their voice.  This event is such a wonderful cause, all of the money raised supported various organizations dealing with animals, and I even brought my dog Sassie to get some spring photos!
As you can see, Sassie even has her very own crown and she loved it!  My mom was so excited to have a picture of me and Sassie with our crowns on.  Sassie definitely stole the show, she's so photogenic!!  I also had the pleasure of talking with Bill Trojan from the Leader Herald, what an amazing photographer and writer.  I got to know him a little more and I can say this honestly....he really has done it all!  Thank you for all you do, and thank you for making Sassie and I famous in the newspaper.  Here's a throwback from winter...
T for Trojan!

I'm also very happy to announce that my Star Princes, Rileigh will be joining me at Miss New York!  She is such a remarkable young girl with a huge heart.  Every birthday, instead of asking for presents she asks for donations for organizations that support animals.  I couldn't ask for a better Star Princess to join me in my year of service as Miss Empire Rose.

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