Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

This weekend was definitely a busy one...I LOVED IT!!  Keeping busy as Miss Empire Rose is only something to look at in a positive light.  I've been doing my best to prepare for Miss New York 2012 and to continue representing the Capital Region to the best of my ability.
I was overjoyed when Kaitlin Monte, Miss New York 2011 invited me to join her at her homecoming celebration.  I had kept up with the Miss New York Organization before competing even became an option and last year I was ecstatic to attend the Miss New York 2011 pageant where I saw Kaitlin crowned and was so confident that I had seen the future Miss America crowned at her sate pageant.  She went on to receive 2nd runner-up at Miss America and represents everything that Miss America stands for.  Ever since seeing her crowned in June of 2011, I've looked up to her as a role model just as much as I do at Miss America.  What makes Kaitlin such an amazing Miss New York is how relatable she is, and how she is the same person on stage competing for Miss America as she was when we were sitting on a booth at Billy Hurricane's in NYC.  She has such a huge heart that just keeps on giving and I know that even after she gives up her title as Miss New York she will continue to do so.  I was also quite thrilled when Kieren Sheridan told me she would also be at Kaitlin's homecoming, it was a blast, we were able to just sit and talk about everything and I also got to meet some of the people that have been very involved with Kaitlin's Project Empower, these people are truly amazing for everything that they do!

Sunday morning, my mother and I went on the Staten Island Ferry for the first time!  Last year in June when we came down to watch the Miss New York pageant we decided that the next time we were in the city we would take the ferry, and so we did.  I was able to see the Statue of Liberty for the first time, something that struck me as just so surreal.  While on our "cruise" from Staten Island to Manhattan we were able to make some friends that happened to carry badges!  Since we were from upstate, the officers were very interested as to how different things were upstate than downstate, for example, I had to tell several officers why I had studded tires....there's snow in upstate, I promise studded tires won't give me a flat tire!   We were also interested to hear their stories they had to share about their experiences working on the ferry and my mom made sure to make the point that they had a "queen" on board.  One thing that surprised me was how everyone thought it took SIX HOURS to get from Albany to the NYC!! only take about 3 and feels like 1!

I also attended the Southern County Triple Crown and the Statewide Triple Crown and happy to announce that six beautiful well-spoken women have joined me in the Miss New York class of 2012!
Congratulations to : 
 Miss Manhattan Katie Berry, Miss New York City Mallory Hagan, Miss Metropolitan Shannon Oliver 
 Miss Verrezano Christina Moore, Miss Western NY Jesse Ladoue, Miss Gotham City Acacia Courtney

I'm so excited to get to know these girls and share the experience of competing for Miss New York 2012 together.  Only a few more titles to go and the Miss New York class of 2012 will be complete!!

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