Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Truth About Suicide

As a student at Fulton-Montgomery Community College and as a sitting board member on the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, I decided to coordinate several events throughout the week to not only help raise awareness of suicide, but to also educate people about suicide and how to prevent it.

Originally I had wanted to plan an event for every day of the week, but because of the busy schedule with the college and finals, I decided to narrow it down to two events that I felt were extremely important for college students and faculty.  

Today's event was the showing of the short film The Truth About Suicide: Real Stories of Depression in College.  It's a 27 minute film thats meant to present a recognizable picture of depression and other problems associated with suicide, as they are commonly experienced by college students and other young adults.  The film contains real life stories from families that have experienced suicide, and I feel that nothing has more of an impact than hearing it from someone who's experienced it.  

Amy Molloy, the area director for AFSP-Capital Region was a guest speaker at the event and after showing the film, she discussed and pointed out key points.  What was great about this event was that it was an open conversation the entire time and everyone shared personal stories and experiences that they've have with suicide.  

My platform begins with Starting the Conversation and that's what we did.  It's so important to talk about it, even if it's not about suicide, everything begins with a conversation.  So we need to take that step to start the conversation because it does save lives. 

A special thanks to Bill Trojan from the Leader
Herald for attending this event, the article was great and very much appreciated, thank you!!

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